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Spell To Get Someone To Kiss You: Enhancing Your Kissing Skills

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spell to get someone to kiss you

I am not sure where you first kissed, but I had mine in a restaurant across a table on a date. Because of the kiss’s effect on me, I have never forgotten it. The great news is that I actually went on to marry the person I had kissed in the restaurant. If you are struggling to get your partner to kiss you as often as you wish, this article is for you as I will focus on how to use a spell to make someone kiss you.

Do you want to increase the heat in your relationship, get explosive orgasms, and live longer? Then you should try casting a spell to get someone to kiss you. 

The article will begin with a brief history of kissing. We will then focus on what makes a great kisser, how to become a great kisser if you are not one already, and how to get your better half to kiss you more if they seem reluctant. 

Some Interesting facts About Kissing

For those wondering about using a powerful spell to get someone to kiss you, let’s start by looking at some interesting facts about the subject of kissing: 

  • Only 46% of societies in the world kiss on the lips. 
  • 67% of men don’t care whether a woman wears lipstick when kissing. 
  • 53% of women would rather kiss a clean-shaven man.
  • 96% of women enjoy being kissed on the neck. 
  • Kissing for one minute can burn 26 calories
  • On average, a woman will kiss 79 guys before she gets married. 

The History of Kissing

The statistics above are fascinating for someone looking for a genuine spell to get someone to kiss you. But does anyone know how humans started to kiss? 

It Started With Feeding

Jessica Booth writes for the website WomansDay.com. She reports about a study published by Scientific American, speculating that kissing may have evolved from a behavior started by monkeys. 

Jessica quotes the British zoologist and author Desmond Morris. He explains why he believes that kissing can be attributed to monkeys. Morris says, “Primate mothers would chew food for their young and then feed them, mouth-to-mouth and with their lips puckered.” 

Soon, the monkey mothers realized that pretending to feed a child by touching their lips with the mothers would make them calm down. Over the years, this would become a method of showing an individual that we love them.    

Did It Start in India?

Anyone looking for a spell to get someone to kiss that works fast would be fascinated by an article written by Daniel Sendecki. He suggests that India could be the place where kissing as we know it today began.  

Daniel cites anthropologist Vaughn Bryant who studied the history of Hindu scriptures which seem to refer to early acts that could have turned into kissing over the years. He writes, “Bryant believes that the kiss spread to the West in the wake of Alexander the Great after he invaded India in 326 BC when he was turned back at the Kyber Pass and made his way back to Europe.” 

Spreading the Kiss across the World

But how did the kiss spread worldwide to the extent that many today say, “I want a spell to get someone to kiss me”? According to Sendecki, the explorers like Alexandra the great took the idea across the work. 

As kissing spread worldwide, it started evolving because people were naturally creative. This would eventually lead to people enjoying the kissing so much that they would search for strong spells to get someone to kiss them.

Kissing was perfected by the cultures of Europe. Even though Europeans are usually associated with romantic kisses by people who want to use a love spell to make someone kiss you, it was not invented in Europe. 

Why You Need A Spell to Get Someone to Kiss You

If you are looking for a spell to get someone to kiss that works fast, you now know briefly how kissing started. But why is it important to get one of the love spells that really work in getting a kiss? In other words, we are asking why a kiss is important.  

You Could Live Longer

If you want to live longer, you might want to get a beginner spell to make someone kiss you. If you don’t believe this, then you haven’t seen the studies showing that people in relationships where kissing happens a lot take fewer days off work are involved in fewer accidents, get paid more, and tend to leave half a decade longer when compared to those that don’t. 

There you have it; kissing is important for your longevity. But what do you do if your better half doesn’t believe in kissing? It would help if you gave them a little encouragement with a spell to get someone to kiss you.

It’s not difficult to determine why things seem to go well for those who kiss a lot. Such individuals are in happier relationships that encourage them to live fulfilling and happy lives. They have less stress because they know they are loved, which helps them maintain a positive attitude. 

Kissing Makes Stronger Relationships

All relationships have their challenges. However, individuals in healthy relationships that involve intimacy shown through acts like hugging and kissing tend to have healthier relationships. 

It really doesn’t have to be anything intense. That goodbye kiss before you leave the house to work will work wonders. Kiss your partner before you sleep and make them sleep knowing they are still important in your life. 

Kissing works because it makes people feel closer to each other. The closer you are to your better half, the more you are satisfied with your relationship, and the more that relationship will prosper.  

Kissing Makes You Healthier

Studies have concluded that when you exchange spit with your better half, you strengthen your immune system. 

But how many times should you kiss your partner to share enough spit to affect your immune system? The answer is that you should kiss at least nine times a day. Making it a round figure and aiming for ten will not hurt. 

Kissing Boosts Sex

Ask any couple that kisses a lot, and they will tell you they have a lot of sex too. Sex therapists emphasize the role of kissing as a way of boosting the type of foreplay that leads to some of the most explosive orgasms. 

So, always remember to start any sex session with lots of kissing, not just on the lips but everywhere else that drives your partner wild. Remember that deep kissing is more effective at getting those orgasms that everyone wants, especially women. 

Now there is An Answer to Happiness

We all know that happiness can be challenging to attain. After all, we have all been told that it can’t be bought with money. But now we know that people who kiss a lot tend to find the answer to happiness. 

Kissing makes us feel good. This is because when you kiss, your body releases a whole lot of feel good chemicals and hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.     

Will casting a spell to make someone want to kiss me?

One of the most common questions is, do kissing spells work? The answer to this question can never be a simple yes or no. This is because, for any type of spell to work, you have to work too. 

It’s always important to remind you that if you want to cast a spell to get someone to kiss you, you need to start by recognizing the spell. Recognizing a spell means respecting the fact that you will need to start by doing your part for it to work. 

Your part involves not just listening to every instruction but casting the kiss me spell appropriately to the character in which it was created. This means that you should do everything based on positive energy. It implies that you must never cast a spell to manipulate or hurt anyone. 

Take A Holistic View

If you want to learn how to save your relationship with a spell to make someone kiss you, it’s vital to realize the importance of looking at your love life holistically. 

A holistic view implies that you don’t look at only one aspect of your love life as the solution to all your challenges. For example, you can’t say that you will solve all the challenges in your relationship when you learn how to be a better kisser. 

To treat your love life holistically, you must look for general love spells. These are spells designed to be cast for different love challenges. They are suitable even for people that don’t have problems yet. This ensures that your relationship is protected before the problems even begin. 

Try A Spell to Get Someone To Kiss You

So there is that girl or guy you want to kiss but don’t know where to start? Well, you are lucky today because we do: try a spell to get someone to kiss you. We have a wide range of spells that have worked for many people that have trusted them. 

You could also be one of these people if you decide today to give these spells a chance. We would love to hear from you if you have used these spells. Use the comments section of this article if you have any questions for us. 

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