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How To Put A Voodoo Spell On Someone

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how to put a voodoo spell on someone

Are you at a point where you feel you don’t have a choice but to learn how to put a voodoo spell on someone? If the answer is yes for you, you should never feel ashamed of yourself for feeling like that. This is because sometimes the only solution is to put a powerful voodoo spell on someone

Do you need to know how to put a voodoo spell on someone? Then you need to discover how to do that safely from this article

Usually, when someone says they want to cast a voodoo spell on someone, they are either aggrieved with that person or love that person a lot. So, in this article, I will focus on putting a voodoo love spell on someone if you love someone and if you have been wronged and want revenge. 

What Is To Cast a Spell on Someone

Before we look at how to cast a real voodoo spell on someone, let’s start by defining the concept of casting a spell. 

To cast a spell is to employ the effects of supernatural powers or magic on something or someone to either intrigue or delight that individual. 

Primarily, the word spell has two meanings. The initial meaning is related to the casting of spells and magic. The second meaning denotes the process of figuratively enchanting someone. For example, when you fall in love with another person to the extent that everyone around you can see it, we say that the person has cast a spell on you. 

The concept of spellcasting is based on the assumption that a human being consists of a system that equates them to the entire universe. Think of the stars, the planets, the moon, and all the things within the universe, and then imagine all that being a human being. In other words, the human being is a microcosm of the entire universe

Therefore, we could define spell-making as a process where you identify, raise, and direct your energy. The process is not linked to special privileges, rule books, or creeds. This means that anyone can find an easy voodoo spells to cast on someone.   

When casting voodoo spells on someone, it’s important always to be aware that rituals, objects, and cosmic warriors are just pathways for us to unleash our inner powers. This means that there is no magic in objects. They are given their power by the energy that’s inherently inside each of us.  

Casting Spells At Home

If you wish to put a genuine voodoo spell on someone, you would usually do it from home. To do it successfully, you must learn to create different spells using stuff you already have at home. 

Now, let’s start by casting spells at home to find love. 

Start With Yourself

Before you cast the most powerful voodoo spells put on someone, you may need to start by looking in the mirror. The first spell must be directed at that person. But why? Because it would be impossible to love someone or be loved by anyone if you haven’t started by loving yourself first

Here is an easy spell you can cast to start loving yourself before you can expect someone else to love you: 


  • A bunch of flowers, the brighter the color, the better. 
  • Tea light candles. Get five of them. 
  • A mirror, the taller, the better. 
  • Matches 

Steps to casting your voodoo spell

  1. It’s vital to ensure that there are no disturbances when you are casting this spell. Create a circle on the floor using flowers. Ensure that the circle is wide enough to allow you to sit inside it. Inside the floor circle, arrange the candles into smaller circles. 
  2. The mirror should be located outside the circle but in a place where you can see your reflection as you sit inside the circle. Start lighting all five candles as you sit in the circle with your legs crossed. 
  3. As you look at yourself in the mirror, notice your beauty and look inside to see the inner beauty. 
  4. As you do this, repeat whatever affirmations you believe. For example, you could say, “It doesn’t matter how the world measures beauty; I am beautiful, I am loving, I attract love, and I love myself first.  

Attract Love with a Honey Jar Spell

Honey is one of the most common ingredients used by people who want to put a voodoo magic spell on someone. However, honey spells are often not designed to attract new love. Instead, they are cast to make an already existing relationship sweeter. 

If you want to cast a beginner voodoo spell on someone using the honey jar method, you will need to begin by being honest about your goal. You should also ensure that your intent is sincere. If you do this, you will realize that there will be more understanding in the relationship, and the bond between your lover and yourself will become stronger. 

If you want to cast a voodoo spell to get back with someone because your partner has become distant, and you are having challenges seeing things from the same point of view, the honey jar spell may be the one solution you are looking for. It will solve challenges, whether they are related to trust or other such problems. 

What You Need

To cast the honey jar spell, when you want to cast a voodoo spell on someone effectively, you will need the following things: 

  • Honey jar 
  • Pen 
  • Paper 

Steps to Follow

If you want to cast easy voodoo love spells that start working immediately on someone, you will need to follow the following steps: 

  1. On your piece of paper, write the name of the person you want to fall in love with. The name should appear on the paper three times. This is because the number three is associated with self-expression and a display of being whole. 
  2. Once you have written the name of the person you want to fall in love with, clearly write your intention. I emphasize that you should be clear when writing your intention. 
  3. Once you are happy that your crush’s name is on the paper three times and you have clearly indicated what you want to happen, it’s time to fold the paper with the name and intention into a small piece that could be put into the honey jar. 
  4. Get a tablespoon of honey from the honey jar with the paper and use it to sweeten a cup of tea. Now, drink the tea and say, “(The name of your crush) may you be as sweet as this cup of tea. 
  5. The spell’s effects will be felt when you finish drinking the tea. 
  6. Finally, you will need to take the jar with the jam and bury it in your favorite place. I often bury the jar in a place with plants or flowers, especially those in bloom.     

How to Cast Revenge Spells On Someone

Apart from casting a voodoo love spell on someone, you may also want to learn how to put a revenge spell on someone. I will not present any voodoo revenge spells but will explain why revenge can be good and bad. 

It Gives Closure

I know many people who will tell you that casting revenge spells is not good under any circumstances. However, I always warn people against saying something like that. Many people across the world have suffered unimaginable pain. This is pain that not many of us who say that revenge is terrible to have ever suffered. 

Therefore, I always say that you cannot prescribe whether someone should seek revenge or not if you have never walked in that person’s shoes. Some people will only heal from the trauma they have suffered. 

It is Not Healthy

Even though you may want to cast a voodoo spell on an ex as a form of revenge for the pain they put you through, I can tell you that revenge is never healthy. Instead of making you feel better, revenge can actually leave you feeling worse. 

Someone once said that a person seeking revenge is the same as someone carrying hot charcoal in their hand to throw it at the person who hurt them. Unfortunately, the hot charcoal burns the person that has already been hurt.  

Put a Voodoo Spell on Someone Today

Whether you want magic voodoo spells to help you get back an ex or are looking for a voodoo spell for revenge, we are the people you should be speaking to. You need to speak to experienced experts like us because when you attempt to cast a revenge spell on your own, there is a possibility that things could go wrong. When things go wrong, the revenge spell could end up hurting the person that cast it. 

If you believe this article may be helpful to someone, please share it with your followers on social media. If you have any experience putting a voodoo spell on someone, please tell us your story in the comments section.  

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