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How To Break A Voodoo Spell

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how to break a voodoo spell

Even though we may not want to admit it, the reality is that we all have enemies. What makes things even more difficult is that some enemies come disguised as friends. These are what we call wolves in sheep’s skin. So, it’s easy for them to put curses on us. If you believe that someone has put a curse on you, you are in luck because, in today’s article, we are looking at how to break a voodoo spell

Do you think a voodoo spell has been cast on you? Then you need to break a voodoo spell. 

Before we look at the steps you can follow regarding how to break from a strong voodoo spell; we will start by looking at what a curse is. We will then focus on signs you should look out for to determine whether you have been cursed. Finally, we look at how to break from a real voodoo spell

Before we proceed, I would like to start by saying that you should be careful when removing black magic spells. This is because it can be challenging to break the spell. If you fail to do the process the right way, you may end up getting results opposite to what you are hoping for. 

So, to ensure that you get the expected results when breaking a curse of hex, you would want to find the services of an experienced spell caster who clearly understands what needs to be done when dealing with such curses. I will provide some information towards the end of this article to help you with details on how you can contact us. 

What is a Curse? 

Since we are dealing with the idea of how to remove an evil spell, let’s start by defining a curse. This will help you when you start by defining the idea of a curse. 

A curse is the expression of a wish that some misfortune or adversity happens to someone. This type of expression could be made either explicitly or implicitly. For instance, someone may say to you; I hope that you suffer and lose everything or they may wish that upon you without telling you. How to break a voodoo spell.

There are different types of curses. Here are a few examples of the common ones: 

African American Voodoo 

This type of curse involves the use of cursed objects. If someone curses you using this type of curse, they identify the type of object they place on your path so that it activates when you pass. Usually, when someone puts this type of curse on your path, you would not know about it. 

The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Evil Eye 

This curse is usually cast because someone envies you or is jealous of something you own. However, this curse is usually not a deliberate move. It may be triggered by the negative energy someone directs at you because you have something they want. Examples include having a lover someone wants, having a better job than someone else or generally looking happier. To deal with this type of curse, you must learn to remove or undo curse spells, voodoo or evil eye.   


This common term describes curses by German people and the Pennsylvania Dutch. This type of spell involves causing calamity in someone’s life by affecting things they deem important. For example, this could refer to making cows unable to produce milk or incapacitating horses.        

What is a voodoo spell? 

Now that we know what a curse is let’s get specific and explain a voodoo spell. We will also try to determine whether a voodoo spell is a good thing or a bad thing. 

A voodoo spell uses supernatural powers aligned with the voodoo religion to influence things in a specific way. The word voodoo comes from the official term Vodun, a religion with roots in West Africa. It progressively became known as voodoo when it started to influence Roman Catholicism

Voodoo spells can either be used for good intentions or bad ones. This is why you should never believe people who tell you that voodoo spells can only be used by people that want to do bad things like bring bad luck, break someone’s relationship or cast a curse spell. Many people use the spells to cast spells to find love and healing.

When we talk about how to break voodoo spells, however, we are referring to voodoo spells that have been cast to cause damage. These are spells cases so that nothing but bad luck follows you. The person who casts the spell begins with the intention of making you suffer and ensuring that nothing you ever do succeeds. 

Has a Voodoo Spell Curse Been Cast on Me 

Before you learn how to break from a voodoo spell that works fast, you may need to know some signs you should look out for to determine whether a curse has been put on you using a voodoo spell. 

Signs to Look Out For 

  • Feeling depressed, defeated, or discouraged: No matter how much you try, you can never get yourself out of depression. You believe that your life is not moving in the right direction and are always on the verge of giving up or have already given up. 
  • Brocken spirit: You no longer believe anything can help you, so you have stopped praying or casting spells to improve things. When someone tells you about a prayer for breaking curses, you no longer believe they can help you. 
  • You are sick and tired: You always feel fatigued, and your body never seems to be in top-notch form anymore. Generally, you have no motivation, and you feel drained. 
  • Self-doubt: You begin to doubt yourself at many levels, including your integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness.
  • Negative thoughts: You discover that negative thoughts have become your default. You have to always consciously stop yourself from feeling negative. You also struggle to find good things about any situation because everything looks depressing, no matter how good it may look to others. 
  • Pain from the past comes back: You feel bad and hurt about things you thought you had healed from. 
  • You feel shame, condemnation, and guilt: You begin to feel like you are letting down the people who depend on you. These feelings bring with them a sense of shame. 
  • Feeling lonely and rejected: If you have ever felt as if no matter what you do, no one understands you, you know what this is all about. If you feel as if you want to retreat into a shell and die, you have probably been cursed and may need to break a curse from a voodoo spell. 
  • Confused: You don’t know what to believe anymore 

How to Break Curses Spells, And Hexes 

Now that we know what voodoo spell curses are and the signs you should watch out let’s get into the gist of the matter: how to remove a black magic curse

You will discover that apart from using spells to break a curse, there are several other everyday methods you can use to remove a voodoo curse that has been cast on you. 

Many people know that taking a salt bath can help restore energy when feeling down and drained. To cast this spell, you need to put the amount of Himalayan salt, sea salt, or Epsom salt when you bath. I always advise people to add some essential oils to their bathing water. How to break a voodoo spell.

I have also noticed that a simple candle spell can effectively deal with voodoo spells. Usually, people casting this type of spell place a candle in the middle of a medium size kitchen bowl so that it attaches at the bottom and stands up straight. 

When the candle is held at the bottom of the bowl, pour water into it until it’s almost complete. Sprinkle some salt into the water. You can now light the candle and say what you want. In this case, you would repeat, “I break the voodoo spell that has been cast on me.”   

When done, please switch off the candle, remove it from the water, and then break it into half. Throw it back in the water. Find a spot outside the house where you will pour the water and bury the candle to complete the spell.   

Break a Voodoo Spell Today

If you believe that a voodoo spell has been cast on you, I am hoping that at this moment, you have hope that something can be done to help you. If you are wondering where to start, please contact us today

It’s important to remember that you should do what needs to be done to live the life you want. Therefore, you should never say that someone has cast a voodoo spell on you if you are lazy and unwilling to work. If you feel rejected and lonely, you may need to change your character to be more loveable. 

Did you find this article helpful? If so, please share it with you your followers on social media. We would also appreciate comments where you tell us how you have managed to break a voodoo spell.  

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