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How To Reverse A Voodoo Spell And Regain Control Of Your Life

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how to reverse a voodoo spell

Do you sometimes feel that nothing in your life is moving according to plan? Do your peers seem to succeed when you are stuck at the same point in life? Are you struggling to find love and marriage? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be on the brink of finding a solution to your problems. In this article, I will teach you how to reverse a voodoo spell

Are you struggling because someone has cast a voodoo spell on you? Discover how to reverse a voodoo spell and free yourself. 

Before we go into the gist of the matter, let’s start by defining a voodoo spell. I will also look at signs you must look out for to determine whether someone has cast a voodoo spell on you. Determining this will allow you to decide whether you want to find ways to reverse a voodoo spell

What is Voodoo Spell? 

A voodoo spell is the use of supernatural powers to influence things. The supernatural powers associated with a spell called a voodoo spell are associated with the Voodoo religion practiced in many parts of the world, especially in the Southern parts of the US and the Caribbean. How to reverse a voodoo spell

The voodoo religion was established in West Africa and spread worldwide by enslaved people forcibly taken to plantations in the US and Caribbean countries. This is mainly why the voodoo religion is viewed with disdain. It is also why we focus on removing magic voodoo spells

When we talk about how to break free from a voodoo spell, we primarily come from the point of view that assumes all voodoo spells are harmful. But why do we believe that voodoo can accomplish nothing but evil? We do because that is what the media has taught us. 

If you don’t believe me, watch every film or read any book about voodoo spells, and you will realize that they portray religion in a bad light. Western countries have always held anything emanating from Africa with disdain. They do so because of racism. 

Most people creating content for popular culture about the voodoo religion often don’t know enough about it. Those who do are often driven by malicious attempts to make money by speaking to the prejudices of those who will consume their content.  How to reverse a voodoo spell

I am sure that by now, you understand that not all voodoo spells are harmful. I have helped people to use voodoo spells to find love and healing. However, when I write about how to reverse a black magic spell, I am focusing on those spells cast with the intention to harm.     

How Do You Know You Are Cursed 

Before you can even talk about finding ways to reverse a curse caused by a voodoo spell, it’s important to determine whether you are actually cursed. But how do I know that I am cursed? 

Here are some ways you signs you should look out for: 

  • You are always injured or ill, but you can’t explain what happened. However, you must see a doctor if you are not feeling well or injured. 
  • Bad luck follows you like a shadow. If you have always been lucky, you should be concerned when everything you do suddenly doesn’t succeed. Determine whether it’s not you that’s causing your problems before you even start trying to find simple ways to reverse a voodoo spell.   
  • One of the most common signs that you are cursed and may need to reverse a real voodoo spell is when you begin to experience strange animal occurrences. This is because when witches want to harm you, they may send animals to come and spy on you. 
  • If you suddenly start noticing broken glass around your home but can’t explain where it came from, you may be cursed. This might also be the time to reverse a powerful voodoo spell.   
  • You are generally positive, but you may have started noticing negative thoughts coming from nowhere. Don’t ignore these thoughts with the hope that they will disappear. You are under a spiritual attack and may need to focus on breaking a curse or hex
  • Certain occurrences should not be ignored when you face enemies. For example, omens like a blackbird or owl can only mean one thing: someone is trying to harm you using a voodoo spell. So, it may now be time to say a prayer for breaking curses.   

What is the best way to reverse a voodoo spell?

Now we know what voodoo spells are, how witches could sometimes use them to harm you, and the signs that you have been cursed. Let’s move on to focusing on ways that you can use to reverse a voodoo spell that’s meant to harm you. 

Even though there are several ways you can use to reverse a spell, many people reverse a voodoo spell with the magic mirror spell. This is the spell I am going to focus on in this article. This spell is often used to create a bubble around yourself so that anyone attempting to cast a voodoo spell to harm you will not succeed. 

i) Create the Alter

Whether you want to cast or reverse a spell, you should create the latter first. Some people call it the magic circle. Whatever you call it, this is the sacred place you create so that you can do your spell work inside. This space will need to be cleaned. How to reverse a voodoo spell.  

ii) Smudge yourself 

The process of smudging seeks to get rid of bad energy, which can make it impossible to do any spell work. It is necessary whether you cast or reverse a spell. When you smudge yourself, you will begin to feel clear and peaceful. 

Remember that smudging is done with good intentions. So, if you are feeling negative, you may need to start improving your mood before using this method to remove a voodoo curse. 

iii) Work the Mirror 

After all, this is called a mirror spell. So, you will need to find a mirror. Even though small mirrors can work, I usually advise that you find a mirror that’s as big as possible. However, remember that you will leave the mirror where it is at the end of the ritual. So, you would want to use one that you will not have a problem letting go. 

When you are happy with the mirror, it’s time to smudge it. You can use reversing spell oil if you have it. I see many people who use incense or sage for this purpose. This will replace all the negative energy attached to the mirror and replace them with the positive energy that will assist you in reversing the voodoo spell that’s worrying you. 

The mirror should be placed close to your bed or a window. However, you should always make sure that the mirror is facing outside. How to reverse a voodoo spell.  

iv) Place your intention on the mirror 

The reason you have the mirror is that you provide it with instructions on how it can help you get rid of the unwanted effects of the voodoo spell. Remember, this is nothing more than a mirror. It is your responsibility to provide it with the energy that will give it the power to remove the curse. 

You give the mirror energy by lighting a black candle, which you place in front of it. Now, you should pray in front of the mirror. Use your own words but inform the mirror that you want it to reflect any curses cast upon you using voodoo magic. Tell the mirror to reflect the negative energy to those that sent it to you. 

v) Give it Power 

The mirror is ready to do as you wish, but you must give it power first. The most effective way of doing this is by focusing all your attention on it. As you do this, meditate so the mirror can absorb your energy. Remember, this is the energy the mirror will need to manifest your wishes. How to reverse a voodoo spell.  

Your spell is done now; you can leave the candle burning until it is finished. However, keep an eye on it because it could cause a fire hazard if left unattended. Leave the mirror in place and keep recharging it at every new moon. You can smudge and use it again when you no longer feel cursed. How to reverse a voodoo spell

Reverse a Voodoo Spell Today           

If you still need help on how to stop bad luck caused by a voodoo spell, we are here to help. We have worked with thousands of people that were about to give up, but today they are no longer cursed. How to reverse a voodoo spell

Even though we encourage the use of spells for reversing curses, it’s important to remember that you are always responsible for what happens in your life. Don’t say you have been cursed using voodoo spells if you are lazy. To find love, you have to do what it takes. To find a job, you must look for it and be willing to do the work if you find one. 

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. If you loved this article, please remember to share it with your followers on your social media profiles.   

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