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How To Know If I Am A Witch: Signs And Tests For Witchcraft

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How To Know If I Am A Witch

What I can bet my last dollar that you have heard the word witch. However, I am not willing to bet on what you have heard about the term. I also don’t know how you feel about witches and what influences your thinking. What I am 100 percent sure of is that this article is for anyone asking the question, how do I know if I am a witch

Do you ever ask yourself how to know if I am a witch? Find out some easy ways of telling whether you could potentially be a witch and what to do about it.  

Since I want this article to be as valuable and helpful as possible for anyone asking what the signs/tests for witchcraft are, I will make it as comprehensive as possible. By this, I mean I will try to gather as much information as possible about the topic. 

So, I will start by defining the term witch and how it is associated with witchcraft. The same section will focus on another common question among people that want to learn about witchcraft: what is a kitchen witch?  

I will then follow the history of witchcraft. This section will also focus on the thinking that defines the way we think about witchcraft today. Are witches real? This is another important question whose answer you should have if you read this article to the end. 

What is a Witch? 

Witches have been around for as long as humanity has existed. But what is a witch?

A witch is a person who practices witchcraft. To do this, such an individual uses supernatural powers or magic. You will notice that many definitions will say that such people practice the use of magic to harm others. However, my definition is different. 

In my definition, a witch is an individual that uses magic or supernatural powers to influence events in the real world. Such people can use these supernatural powers to accomplish good things, such as healing, or they may use them to do evil things, like making someone. 

My definition illustrates that witches can be both good and bad. This is a reality in life in general. There are good and bad teachers, good and bad drivers, good and bad doctors and so on. We do not say that because we have seen one lousy doctor, and then all doctors are wrong. In the same way, we can’t say since some witches do bad things, then all witches do bad things. 

Why Witches Are Given a Bad Name 

Before you go to the more profound questions like how do I know if I’m a kitchen witch? Let’s start by looking at why everybody seems to think that witches are bad people. 

The bad name given to witches originates from medieval and early modern Europe. This is where the term witch was coined. In the early days, people accused of being witches were usually women. Such women were accused of launching attacks on the communities in which they lived. 

Unlike modern concepts such as how to know if you are a witch by blood quiz, being accused of being a witch when the idea of witchcraft started was a dangerous thing. You could be attacked, banished, intimidated, or even killed. 

Even though there were rudimentary processes to try individuals suspected of being witches, the reality is that such trials were often charades. Very little evidence was required to find someone guilty. This is why today you will hear about the idea of a witch-hunt when someone protests what they perceive as a travesty of justice. 

Early Witches 

If you ask, how do I know if I am a witch queen, let’s begin by focusing on the characteristics of witches. I hope that by the time you get to the end of this article, you will have an idea of what real witches do. This may assist you in differentiating fact from myth. 

The early witches were gifted individuals that practiced witchcraft. To do their work, they used magic spells. These spells gave them the power to summon the spirits that made something possible. Their power made those who didn’t understand them accuse them of being pagans who did the devil’s bidding.     

Stories of the trials and tribulations of early witches make for depressing reading. The bad treatment of the early witches can be traced back to the 11th century when fear of Satan and heresy was at its highest. 

Between the 14th and 18th centuries, witches started being accused of rejecting Jesus and aligning themselves with the devil. Apparently, the objective of siding with the devil would be to gain his protection. They were accused of using demons to do the magic they were associated with.  

The Ludicrous Accusations 

The accusations kept mounting, and there was a time when witches were accused of riding through the air on brooms. Other accusations included that: 

  • The witches were traveling to secret meetings 
  • They had sexual orgies involving Satan himself
  • The witches had powers that helped them transform into different shapes
  • They could change from being one human to another or into an animal. 
  • They kidnapped and killed children with the aim of eating them or using their fat to make the oils they used in their medicine. 

Of course, as we have become aware from learning and scientific discovery, all this was a product of fantasy. We are not debunking the fact that there are some witches that practice is harming others. However, the reality is that just because one witch is a terrible human being doesn’t mean that every other witch is equally terrible. 

Regarding the reason people had such feelings about witches, we can note that it was a product of the fundamental religious beliefs of the time. These religious views created a certain worldview that was anti-witches.   

Signs of being a witch 

For those asking how to find out if I am a witch, let’s look at some signs to watch out for if you really want to know that you are a witch: 

You Are Conscious

If you ask many people to tell you to want they saw and did during a specific period, many will give you vague details. The reason behind this is that most of us are not conscious of our surroundings. It means they can’t feel the atmosphere and how it is turning.

On the other hand, witches can feel the atmosphere even when they cannot put their finger on the pulse of what they are feeling. For example, when two people that hate each other are in the same room pretending to love each other, a witch can still sense the tension. 

So, the biggest “Am I a witch test” is your ability to feel the tension in a specific atmosphere. 

Nature Brings You Alive 

You are probably a witch if you feel in your element while out in nature. When outdoors, witches love the smell of flowers, trees, and soil. This love comes from the realisation that we, as humans, are part of nature. It is from nature that we are sustained and healed. 

It’s in Your Dreams 

Before you even consider doing an “Am I a witch quiz,” look at your dreams, and you will soon have an idea of whether you could be a witch. If you find that your dreams are clear and often predict things, you may be on your way to becoming a witch. 

Animals Excite You 

When you ask yourself what were the signs/tests for witchcraft and seem to be struggling to find an answer, just look at your relationship with animals. Do you find that animals gravitate towards you, but most don’t mean any harm? This is because animals attract the energy you transmit as a witch. 

The animals would never harm you because they see you as a friend and believe they must protect you. 

Apart from animals, children also gravitate towards you. You may find that children who refuse to be held by other people find your hands so comforting that they want to sleep the moment you hold them.

Both animals and kids like witches because they are pure and can sense when a person has pure intentions. Both the animals and kids can sense the magic that happens when they are together with you. This makes them gravitate towards people like you, the actual witches.   

Natural Healing is Your Choice 

How do you often find healing and medication if you feel sick? If you gravitate towards natural medicines and homemade cures, you are potentially a witch. This is because witches find synthetic products disturbing their souls. 

Recycling and the Arts are For You 

I am sure that by now you know that the best “how to know if I’m a witch test” is not the only way to tell if you are a witch. For instance, if you love the arts and are always looking for ways to recycle staff, you have the quality of caring for the environment that is keeping with being a witch. 

Embrace Your Witch Character 

If you believe that you are possibly a witch and want to live the life of a witch, never allow anyone to make you feel bad about it. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. We can help you start your journey as a witch. Send us a message using the contacts section of this website, and we will guide you.   

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