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Prayers For Protection: Finding Strength Against Evil

by Overnight Voodoo
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Prayers For Protection

I am writing this article after Christians have just celebrated Easter. As friends and families assembled during Easter recently, one story got to be told again: how Jesus Christ was betrayed by a man called Judas Iscariot. The Bible tells us that Judas was one of Jesus’s 12 disciples, one of the trusted ones. This story, where a trusted friend turned into a betrayer, got me thinking about why we all need prayers for protection from evil.  

Do you feel unsafe around people who pretend to love you when they are enemies? Say prayers for protection today

When I think about prayers for protection and healing, I am particularly drawn to the story of Judas Iscariot because it provides a perfect example of how most of our enemies are hidden. I have heard someone saying it is better to have an enemy you know than one you don’t. You probably also have heard about a wolf in a ship’s skin. These figurative expressions tell us why we must be careful about our friends. 

This article will not only explain why you need prayers for protection against storms but also how to identify enemies, like Judas Iscariot, who pretend to be friends when they are enemies. I hope you will understand the importance of powerful prayers for protection and safety by the end

Prayers for Protection and Peace Against Hidden Enemies 

It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, kind or unkind; we all have enemies. While this is a reality I am sure you already know, what many of us seem to forget is that our enemies don’t usually arrive dressed like enemies. In many cases, they come looking like our friends. But how do you identify enemies dressed like friends so that you know how to use genuine prayers for protection from evil people against such enemies?    

They Speak Evil Things Behind Your Back

One blessing of having a good friend is knowing they will always support you and say good things about you. They will do this whether you are there or not. They use the act that they know you to defend you when those who do not know you interpret what you said incorrectly. They will tell you when people are plotting against you. In other words, they are genuine

On the other hand, an enemy that pretends to be a friend will say all the good things in front of you. When you turn around, they will also turn what they say about you around. An enemy who pretends to be a friend will never help when they hear your name dragged through the mud. They will help those people speaking against you. 

So, how do you know the person who’s supposed to be your friend is actually an enemy? You will need to listen to the things they say about others. When you hear your friend saying bad things about other people they pretend to be friends with, I can tell you they also do the same about you. If you are in a work situation, you must say real prayers for protection at work before it’s too late. 

They Discourage You When They Think You Will Succeed

A genuine friend knows that your success is their success. Therefore, they work just as hard as you do to succeed. They do so from a good space when they provide you with advice. Yes, they make mistakes, but they do so while trying to help you. A true friend doesn’t make snide remarks about your weaknesses. When you have tried several times and failed, they will assist you when you try again. 

When you have an enemy who acts like a friend, you will notice that they pretend to be enthusiastic about your success. They do this to get as much information as possible. When they have the information they need, they use it to sabotage you. For example, if they knew you were looking for a job, your enemy pretending to be a friend may even call the recruiters to say bad things about you. 

Before saying someone is your true friend, you should do your homework. Listen carefully to how they advise you. If they always encourage you on petty things but then tend to be muted when it comes to serious stuff, run for the hills. For example, an enemy may compliment you for something you wear but pretend they never heard you graduated with a master’s degree. If you find yourself in such a situation, find easy prayers for protection for your family

Watch Body Language

While it is easy to lie with your mount, it is not so easy with body language. Therefore, you should watch the person who’s supposed to be your friend so you can learn something from their body language. For instance, a person who is a true friend will always approach you with an open posture. A true friend will always be accessible. When you see someone always looking at their phone when talking with you or holding their drink in front of them, they are not a true friend, and you need free prayers for protection from enemies when you deal with them. 

A true friend will always make eye contact. When a person refuses to give you eye contact, they hide something. When an individual is willing to provide you with eye contact, whether you have known them for years or just for a minute, they tell you they are ready to connect. If not, a short prayer for protection and guidance may be in order.

While we are still here, let me tell you a few things that you must learn if you want to be a true friend so that people around you do not feel that they need prayers for physical protection when they are around you: 

● Always turn towards the person you are speaking with. 

● Wear a genuine smile on your face. 

● Use non-verbal cues like nodding to show agreement when you do. 

● Ask people appropriate questions about themselves. 

● Make eye contact. 

With these actions, you will create the energy that will attract people with the same energy as yours. With such genuine people, you will never need powerful prayers to protect you and your family. 

Always Competing

I used to have a friend who was always in competition with me. Whenever I attained something, he would go and get something better. For example, I once bought a new German Sedan. Within a few days, he bought a new American pickup truck. When I moved into a posh estate, he moved into an even better house. Eventually, I realized that I needed prayers for protection while sleeping because the person I thought was my best friend was actually an enemy. 

When a person is your friend, they complement you. They know that when you succeed, they succeed, too. For example, when a true friend has a big house, you know you will never sleep in the open. When a friend has a good job, you also have a certain level of protection because when you need help, you know you will always have it. If this is not the case, then you need a prayer for protection from physical harm to your family.   

Lack of Support When You Need It Most

One joy of having a true friend is that you will always know you have support when needed. Genuine support doesn’t mean that someone will take away your problems. Instead, it means that they will always be there to show compassion. They will check on you. They are the ones who will tell you that things will be ok and that they will stay with you no matter what you are going through. 

When you have an enemy that acts like a friend, they will only be there during the good times. When you genuinely need them, they will be nowhere to be found. They will have every excuse under the sun for their absence. Enemies will tell anyone who cares to listen that you are broke or are no longer as powerful as you used to be. You need powerful prayers to block all enemies’ plans for these people. 

Get Prayers for Protection Today

By now, it must be clear that not everybody who pretends to be a genuine friend actually is. Many people you may trust with your most intimate information could be an enemy. While this may be scary, I have good news. I have worked with many people who said, I want prayers for protection for my son or a prayer to protect my home from evil

If you want to learn how I can assist you, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. You can start with simple prayers, and as you become more confident, you can go deeper into prayer. Always ensure that you are ahead of the enemy always. Contact us today.   

If this article can assist someone you know, click that share button. Otherwise, you can copy the URL and send it via WhatsApp or Email. For now, continue to be safe; many enemies lurk in the dark, pretending to be friends. 

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