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I Want My Lover Back Spell: Why Your Spells Aren’t Working

by Overnight Voodoo
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I Want My Lover Back Spell

If there is one topic we write about on this website, it is the topic relating to making someone love you or bringing back a lost lover. If you have been reading these articles, I am sure that by now, you know all the tricks to make someone kiss you or attract a specific person into your life. If you came here looking for an, I want my lover back spell; you would notice that we are taking a different angle today. 

Have you tried to forget your lost lover but failed? Maybe it’s time to cast an I want my lover back spell

We are taking a different angle because today we will be looking at why your powerful I want my lover back spells are not working. In other words, we are focusing on the things you are doing that are pushing your ex-lover even further at a time when you hope to bring them back. 

Now, look at why your ex isn’t coming back even though you have been casting many real I want my lover back spells

Check the Time 

In almost every article we have written about how to get your ex back, we have alluded to the fact that a broken relationship requires time. Since all relationships break up for reasons that could leave one or both partners traumatized, it’s important to ensure that each partner gets adequate time. 

We always advise that enough time should be given before you start attempting to get back with your ex because a relationship breakup goes through several stages before people are ready to go back into a relationship with an ex: 

  1. Relief: This may be a mean thing to say, but when your ex broke up with you, they were relieved that the relationship was over. 
  2. Curiosity: After a few weeks, the relief begins to down as your ex becomes curious, wondering what you are up to. This is the stage when they start to miss you a bit. The main reason your ex has got to this stage is that you haven’t contacted them. If you have already cast an easy, I want my lover back spell; this indicates that it’s starting to work. 
  3. Preoccupation: If you still haven’t contacted your ex, this is the time they can no longer get you out of their mind. If you have also cast a genuine I want my lover back spell; they are at a point when they are almost getting mad. They can no longer think of anything but you. 
  4. Fear: The preoccupation with you starts to become fearful that they may have lost you forever. This is the time to pounce, not just by casting an I want him back spell but also by showing him that you are living your life fully. 

As you can see from the stages, I present above, giving your ex time to go through all these stages is good because it ensures that by the time you cast your I want her back spell, he will almost be desperate to have you back. There is no way they will not respond to your advances when they are in that stage. 

Internals Battles 

The reason you are not yet back with your ex could be because they are fighting their own internal battles. These internal battling are often not related to you. For example, many boys who grew up without their fathers often find themselves angry and may not know where to direct it. 

Even though this may sound like bad news, the reality is that an ex-lover fighting internal battles is vulnerable. If you were an anchor of support, they would begin to realize how empty their life is without you. 

Part of the fight may also have to do with being stubborn. For example, your ex may have felt a certain level of victory when they left you. Now that they have gone through all the stages and realized that they couldn’t live without you, they will not give up the victory they thought they had scored. So, you shouldn’t expect them to fall and act dead. 

The reality is that when someone is still fighting internal battles, you can apologize all you want for what they say you have done wrong, but that will not change anything. So, instead of wasting your time apologizing to someone that may not even be thinking straight, this may be the time to cast that urgent I want my lover back spell.  

Your Ex is No Longer Interested 

It is also possible that your ex has decided that they no longer want you. They may have made a decision, or friends and relatives may drive them. However, what is clear is that they have somewhat convinced themselves that they are ready to move on. 

Demotivating as it is to hear that your ex has decided to move on, the good news is that this is not always a permanent decision. Remember that a breakup can throw someone’s emotions into turmoil. Therefore, people are constantly changing their minds. 

Your ex could change his mind that he doesn’t need you within a week, or it may take years. This is when clever people who want to make things move faster resort to return love spells that work. So, if you want to take control of things and get them to move fast, you will need to cast a real spell to bring back your lover without delay.

You Failed the Psychology Game   

You may be asking how do I use a real spell to bring my lover back, but you also need to remain alert so that you can play the psychology game with success. When I talk about the psychology games, I am not saying that you should pretend that you have moved on with someone else. 

So, what should I do? You ask. You should live your best life and make sure that your ex knows. If your ex has gone through all the stages we refer to above; they will never be able to survive seeing you genuinely enjoying yourself without him. 

When you genuinely enjoy yourself, you show that you can look after yourself. If you want your urgent love spell caster to bring back my lover to work like a well-oiled machine, you must take good care of yourself. If you can afford to reinvent yourself and travel the world, why note? I can guarantee that your ex will eventually know that you are living your best life and will become even more attractive to them. 

It’s About Forgiveness 

There are different reasons people walk out of relationships. One of the leading reasons is infidelity or cheating. Your ex may not be making any efforts to get back with you because they are not sure if you will be ready to forgive them. Therefore, you may need to cast some psychic love spells to bring back a lover; you must begin by deciding whether you have forgiven your ex. 

If you have decided to forgive your ex, it’s vital to ensure that your ex understands that forgiveness doesn’t mean they have gotten off the hook without accountability. You inform them that you are willing to forgive them because they are willing to change. 

When I help people cast return love spells, I always tell them that the recipe for a successful relationship is the willingness to forgive. I understand that forgiveness is a big thing to ask. However, the reality is that when you refuse to forgive, you are like someone carrying hot charcoal in your hands, hoping that you will meet the person who wronged you and throw it at them. 

Be Sure it’s What you Want 

Before I end this article, let me emphasize that if you want to cast a genuine love spell that works for you, you must introspect deeply about what you want. Remember that when you cast a spell, you set specific processes in motion. These processes are not always easy to reverse.

This is why you want to ensure that before casting your bring back my ex-lover spell, you decide that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you didn’t conclude this, I would find spells to help you find new love. You should never go back into a relationship because you are feeling lonely. 

Cast I Want My Lover Back Spell Today   

Whether you want to learn how to effectively use love spells that work or some advice on the best spells to keep your relationship on track, we are the people you should be speaking to. I have made this simple by including a contact us form on this website. 

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